You might be a Cancer (sign) if …
June 21, 2017

Your birthday falls between June 21-July 22.

You are perceptive and intuitive.

You are sensitive and emotional to the nth degree. You definitely wear your heart on your sleeve.

Since you are in so touch with your emotions, you have a very affectionate nature. It’s not rare for you to be the first to show you care (probably via a hug or in my case, an inappropriate butt pat).

You find yourself looking for excuses to stay in over going out. Home is your sanctuary.

You are extremely thoughtful. You never forget anyone’s birthday or favorite movie, andΒ take care to make sure they know you remember their quirks.

Your shyness gets mistaken for indifference or snobbishness (or bitchiness).

You are overly self-critical.

You love hard (and it’s often unmatched).

You are uber nurturing; whether it’s animals or children, you really draw people in with your natural nurture spirit.

You are fiercely protective. You will go mama bear over any injustice or perceived slight to your people.

Your creativity knows no bounds; even if yours are not necessarily “artistic” pursuits.

You are organized and list-obsessed. (Umm, hello, like this?)

You’re probably a history/culture buff.

You value tradition, loyalty, especially when it comes to your patriotic roots.

You don’t take criticism (or advice) well (or at all).

You can be a bit touchy, moody aka crabby (which is the animal rep for the Cancer sign).